Social Media and Employment Law for California Employers

With this first post, Allen Matkins is proud to launch its California Social Media and Employment Law Blog. The blog is intended to provide employers, particularly California employers, with news, commentary, and practical pointers regarding the impact of social media on the workplace. (The blog is not intended to provide any legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. For further details, please read the terms of use.)

So, why blog about social media employment law issues? Simply put, the ever-growing prevalence of social media in people’s daily lives, and by extension the workplace, means that employers must remain vigilant about the various issues this phenomenon can raise in the workplace. A recent survey on social media in the workplace confirms this. The survey’s findings show that out of 110 responses from a broad range of companies:

  • Nearly 90% of companies use social media for business purposes
  • More than 70% of companies reported having to take disciplinary action against employees for misuse of social media
  • Companies are now taking precautions to protect against specific risks associated with the misuse of social media, such as:
    • Misuse of confidential information (80%)
    • Misrepresenting the views of the company (71%)
    • Inappropriate non-business use (67%)
    • Disparaging remarks about the company or its employees (64%)
    • Harassment (64%)
  • More than 60% of companies do not train their employees on the appropriate use of social media

Our blog will endeavor to touch on many of the above issues with timely and insightful posts. So, please check back often (and sign up to receive our posts via email) and email us with your comments and questions.

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