Whose Property Is The Corporate Social Media Account?

As we have discussed in previous posts, the issues surrounding ownership rights to an employer’s social media account and its contents continues to be a moving target without definitive answers.  A federal bankruptcy court recently weighed in on this subject, ruling that a debtor company’s social media accounts were property of the estate under the

Employer Can Proceed With Breach Of Noncompete And Trade Secrets Claims Against Former Employee Who Refused To Relinquish Control Of LinkedIn Group

Recently, an Illinois federal district court denied in part an employee’s motion to dismiss various claims asserted by his former employer, allowing the employer to proceed with its claims for breach of a non-compete agreement, violation of the Illinois Trade Secrets Act, and common law misappropriation based in part on the employee’s refusal to relinquish

Can the Business-Related Contacts On An Employee’s LinkedIn Page Be Considered Trade Secrets?

A court in the Central District of California recently confronted the interesting issue of whether an employee’s LinkedIn contacts can be considered an employer’s trade secrets, such that the employee could be liable for misappropriation by retaining and using the LinkedIn account after leaving his employment. In Cellular Accessories for Less, Inc. v. Trinitas LLC,

BET Prevails in Dispute with Former Worker over Facebook Account

A recent case from the District of Southern Florida highlights the importance of clearly defined guidelines for workers or employees managing the employers’ social media accounts. Mattocks v. Black Entm’t Tv LLC, concerned a dispute between Black Entertainment Television LLC (“BET”) and Mattocks, whom it had hired to manage a Facebook Fan Page for one